Let Your Soul Speak Through Crafting & Journaling

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Meet Anaël…

Welcome to Happy Mood Design

I’m Anaël, the founder of Happy Mood Design.
This little business began as my personal journey to escape burnout.

Through creativity, I discovered a therapeutic outlet that transformed my life.  From simple Instagram moments to digital planners and journals, I wrapped myself in a world of beauty, imagination and design…

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the demands of daily life?

Do you yearn for a way to express yourself and find inner peace?

I deeply understand these challenges and I’m here, to gently help you discover the incredible power of crafting and journaling.

Creativity is not only a peaceful haven but also a way to express your soul and achieve your dreams…

Immerse yourself in the magic of mindful creativity


My Products

Clipart Packs

These collections feature beautiful illustrations inspired by nature, travels, wellness, and magic. Carefully prepared with a transparent background, they are perfect for crafters, designers, and creators looking to add a touch of charm to their projects

Digital Papers

Our unique digital papers are ideal for crafting, scrapbooking, and digital art projects. With a boho and vintage vibes, they evoke serenity, peace, and endless creative possibilities…

Junk Journals

These stunning junk journal pages are perfect for crafters seeking meaning and fulfillment through journaling. Ideal for those who want to connect with their inner self while bringing beauty to the world!

Remember, your soul has a story to tell.
Will you let it speak?